Who’s Whoot?

Screechin Up for Whoot

This is Whoot, our GSC Blue Owl mascot! Whoot flew into GSC in September 2013 and quickly became a popular icon around campus. We thought we’d ask Whoot a few questions of introduction.

Just How Did You Come to Be?

Well, it was a lengthy process. The flight took almost a year! First, I was a glimmer in the eyes of a few folks in the Alumni Relations department here at the college. Then the mascot idea took flight and soon many a wise alumni and student was making suggestions. Of course, eventually, the wisdom of choosing me came through and suddenly this old bird was it!

Where do you live?

I nest in the college. I like to visit people in the Greater Cincinnati community where I participate in events such as Reds Kids Day, the March for Babies, the Cheviot Parade and more. I also say hi to employees throughout the TriHealth system. And, I hang out on the GSC website and make appearances on the GSC Facebook page. I blink on the college monitors and some of the spirit-wear. I’m hoping to fly in for a few student and alumni events – you know, add some extra fun to the place. Really, I’m here for whatever and wherever I’m needed. I just want people to “give a hoot about Whoot!”

But tell us, why do you think you are the perfect mascot for GSC?

Well, I certainly am observant – you know my eyes never blink. And, I’m a wise bird – remember that “wise old owl” saying? I’m very confident in my role – note my hands on my hips. At the same time, I’m a relatively happy bird – see how I have that smile on my beak? And the obvious thing – I’m the GSC Blue. Changing myself to a blue owl was a sacrifice, I mean how many blue owls have you seen flying across the night sky? But I was willing to become blue because like healthcare professionals, I’m dedicated and I’m honored to be the GSC mascot.

What do you think about that name Whoot?

Oh, I really like it. It totally goes with the way people think I sound. GSC’s WHOOT THE BLUE OWL! It’s got a good screech to it, don’t you think?


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