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Student Success Team

Student Success

GSC is committed to Student Success, and the key persons who make up the Student Success Team are integrated throughout academics and student services. As a student, the types of support you need may differ as you progress through the program.  GSC has team members available all along the way to help you meet your personal and academic goals.Here’s the team:

Learning Specialists are College personnel who help you throughout your program with

  • Required pre-entrance assessment testing for associate degrees, specifically, the TEAS Test for reading, writing, and mathematics skills, and the Critical Thinking test from the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI)
  • Developing an academic plan based on assessment outcomes
  • Instruction for the College Success Courses (First Semester Experience and Academic Recovery courses)
  • Skills instruction and support in studying, test-taking, time management and reading for individuals and small groups
  • Fielding faculty referrals for academic assistance

Advisors are College faculty members, assigned to you by the College during registration, who are here to help you with

  • Reviewing the Progression plan you received during registration
  • Instructional resources and tutoring opportunities
  • Listening, fielding questions, and suggesting solutions including directing you to the right resources

The Counselor is the licensed professional who helps you with

  • Individual or group private counseling needs
  • Provides follow-up to appointments and services
  • Referrals to community agencies and mental health professionals
  • Connecting with your Peer Mentor during your first semester

Peer Mentors are fellow students who volunteer to help you by

  • Sharing experiences and expertise during your first semester
  • Supporting you from a student perspective
  • Sharing information about college life at GSC

The College Compliance Officer is the professional who can help you with

  • Services related to 504 Academic Accommodations, Support, and Disability Services
  • FERPA, Crime Awareness and Campus Safety, and coordinating Title IX compliance
  • The College’s Complaint/Grievance Procedure