Student Stories

Edward and Rita Bramkamp Scholarship

Being awarded this scholarship means so much to me the generosity and kindness was so touching. I am so grateful and appreciative to have been chosen for this honor. This gift means so much sense, I have the entire financial burden of my education. Having a complete stranger want to assist me with that burden is beyond words. I hope one day I will be in the position to pay it forward and help a future nursing student with his or her tuition. I admire the generosity and kindness of my donor and she has inspired me more than just giving me a financial gift but, also by being an example to me.
student receives GSC Scholarship-Meredith Miller, AASN student


Ray Bergman Scholarship

It’s an honor to know that so many people already believe in me, believe in all of the students here, because of where we’re going to school! I already knew I picked a great program but knowing that so many people believe in Good Samaritan’s college and the nurses they train is just very heartwarming. It’s a whole other support system I never knew about and makes me feel even more proud
student receives GSC ScholarshipRebecca Haessig, AASN student


Class of 1961 Scholarship

Receiving a scholarship is such a blessing. I am so grateful that someone that doesn’t even know me is willing and generous enough to invest in me and my education. It gives me a little extra motivation to work hard and be successful in my nursing career because I want to show the donors that they made a great investment.
students receiving GSC ScholarshipsKyle Dipuccio’18


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