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Pre-Enrollment Advising
Enrollment Advising
Faculty Advising


  • Prospective students meet with the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid for information on programs at the college.
  • Accepted students who are transferring consult with the Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid regarding what coursework can be taken prior to starting at the college.


  • Associate Degree students receive a degree audit from the Registrar at registration with recommended first semester courses.
  • BSN students receive an email from the Registrar with recommended first semester courses in order to register remotely using an online video tutorial.
  • After registration, Associate Degree students come in for a Cornerstone Event and receive financial aid and payment information from the Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Bursar and a progression plan from the Registrar. These progression plans are scanned to Sharepoint so each student has access to his or her own information. Students interested in dual enrollment can discuss that option with the Registrar at the Cornerstone Event as well.


  • Academic advisors are assigned to incoming associate degree students the week of College Orientation.
  • BSN academic advisors are assigned in the first couple weeks of the semester.
  • Students receive an email on how to access their advisor information in SONIS
    Advisor is listed in Sonis on the Bio Page
  • On an ongoing basis, students may come back to the Registrar to consult on revising progression plans, course drops, withdraw from the program, or leave of absence. Each time a student does this the Registrar also directs them to speak with the Department Chair for Academic Input and the Assistant, Director of FA regarding financial impact. Any student who expresses interest in dropping a NUR course must have approval from the Department Chair of Nursing.
  • On an ongoing basis BSN students go to academic advisors for input on progression planning.
  • When students meet with the registrar and change progression plans, the registrar updates Sharepoint and notifies the student’s advisor.