Incoming BSN Registration - Good Samaritan College of Nursing

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Incoming BSN Registration

Online Registration Tutorial

Student Points of Access

Please review the GSC website at website contains all the information that you as a student need regarding the college, your academic information, programs, calendars, accreditation, financial aid, academic standards, etc.

We ask you to make sure to login to your GSC Email, SonisWeb, GSC Moodle, and GSC Online Financial Aid.

GSC Email

After logging into your GSC email, go to upper right corner and click on the GEAR, then ‘Options’.Select “BLOCK or ALLOW”. Click “Don't move email to my Junk Email folder”, then clicksave.

*** Any email can occasionally go to junk email unless you change that setting. ***


Student Account Information

Login to SonisWeb using your Student ID and PIN sent to you. Explore each tab and button in SonisWeb so that you are aware of what information is available to you.

Degree Audit

Please run a personalized Degree Audit in SonisWeb.You can do this using the tab to the far right in your SONIS account.Select BSN as your program.Check your degree audit to ensure any credits that should transfer in are listed there.If you feel there is a discrepancy with transfer credit, please contact me immediately, so that I can fix this prior to registration.We recommend that if you would like to go full time, you register for NUR 301, ENG 102, ENG 105 and MTH 111 for the first semester.(part-time recommendations were sent to you in your registration invitation)

If you have transfer credits, you may pick up some of the second semester general education courses, provided you meet the pre-requisites for them and they fit your schedule.The 2nd semester courses are CSI102, MTH 204 and ETH 321


To register in SonisWeb go to the Registration tab.Select each course you would like to take and follow the steps below:(check your holds prior to registration)

  1. Continue Registration Process (without meeting a pre-requisite SONIS will stop you)
  2. Continue Registration Process
  3. View Total Charges
  4. Return
  5. If you select the course after registration and before billing has posted, you will be asked if you want to remove the course.

After registering, view your courses by selecting the Schedule tab (print using Printable).

You can also view your booklist by going to Books (print using Printable).

GSC Moodle

This takes you to the Moodle online courses login page. Click the "Log In With GSC Email" link. You will then be prompted to enter your GSC email address and password. Once entered, you will be logged in to Moodle.

If you have problems or questions with GSC email, SonisWeb, or GSC Moodle please contact John Kidd, IT Support, at

Financial Aid

Students who have applied on FAFSA ( may receive financial aid according to their eligibility.You can view your financial aid through the GSC website, Students/GSC Online Financial Aid.

If you have questions regarding Financial Aid please contact Linda

If you have any questions, in this process, please fee free to call or email me.