Registrar - Good Samaritan College of Nursing

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Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:
Mail: National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard

Staff in the Office of the Registrar assist students with:

  • Maintaining the student record and current contact information
  • Change of status (program change, dual enrollment, leave of absence, withdrawal and add/drop)
  • MTH 103 Challenge information
  • Exit interviews
  • Transfer credit information
  • CLEP information
  • Transcript requests
  • Verification of Enrollment status
  • Off campus course information
  • Online registration questions and registration planning
  • Dual Enrollment

Registration for New Incoming AASN and ASHS Students

All new incoming AASN and ASHS students will attend a registration event by invitation. Students will receive a brief orientation to basic college services and participate in online registration for their first semester.


All students are expected to attend the new student orientation. Students will be notified of specific dates. Transfer students entering with nursing credit also must attend the nursing transfer orientation.

Registration for Current Students

The schedule for open registration of current students is announced each semester. All registration is conducted online on a priority basis following the registration policy.

Change of Status

  1. A student who wishes to change courses or withdraw from one or more courses or the program must submit the request to Registrar in writing. Student signature is required. Electronic/FAX add/drops are permissible.
  2. A student who fails to attend a course in the first (2) class meetings will be administratively withdrawn from the course.
  3. A student who fails to attend ANY courses in the first (2) weeks of the semester without notifying the registrar of a change of status (withdraw, LOA, etc) will be administratively withdrawn from the College. In order to resume classes the student will have to reapply to the College following the current readmission procedures.
  4. If applicable, a tuition refund will be made according to the current refund policy stated in the catalog. In all cases, all financial obligations to the college must be met or no records will be released.
  5. Notation will be made on transcripts according to the grading system listed in the Academic Standards and Regulations and Nursing Program.
  6. A student may request a leave of absence (LOA) for any reason. The LOA request must be submitted in writing to the Registrar. Students on LOA are withdrawn from all courses. Grades of W, WP, WF, or F (according to the current grading system) will be noted on the transcripts. Each course must be repeated in its entirety in order to receive credit. The College's curriculum plan will not be altered to accommodate students who must retake courses. Placement in program will be subject to the curriculum in place at the time of registration. An LOA may be extended to one year. After that time, if the student has not registered or is not actively enrolled, the student will be withdrawn. The student must reapply according to the existing admissions policies.
  7. Any student called to active duty from the reserves of any branch of the military or National Guard will receive special LOA consideration to ensure the smooth transition into and out of the College.
  8. Students who withdraw from the College must complete an exit interview before they re-apply according to existing admissions policies.
  9. Students moving directly from one program to another must complete a change of status form to officially change programs.
  10. Students academically dismissed from the College may be eligible to appeal to continue in another program. In order to be eligible, students must be able to come into the new program in good academic standing. Those interested should inquire with the Registrar regarding academic standing and eligibility to change majors.

Dual Enrollment

GSC is excited to offer students the option to participate in dual enrollment. Students in the AASN program with a 2.5 or higher GPA and in good academic standing are eligible to take BSN general education courses while completing AASN coursework and requirements. Please contact the Registrar to discuss this option further. Steps to complete dual enrollment:

  • talk to the Registrar regarding eligibility and transfer credits
  • talk to Assistant Director of Financial Aid regarding financial aid
  • complete change of status paperwork with the Registrar to enroll

Click Dual Enrollment FAQ to review many common questions and answers.

Common Student Forms