My GSC Story

“GSC became my choice for a nursing college because it is a hospital-based program and the reputation out in the community is that Good Samaritan College produces excellent nurses. Before GSC I worked as a Certified Medical Coder, but I always wanted to be a nurse. Once all my children were grown, I decided to fulfill my life-long dream of becoming a nurse.
GSC has been a wonderful experience for me. The staff is very supportive and contributes to each student’s success. They are highly experienced and current in the industry. The college has a state of the art skills lab and the majority of my clinical experience was on-site at Good Samaritan Hospital.
Now that I’ve graduated, I am hoping to become an excellent nurse who makes a difference in other people’s lives. My goal is to leave each patient that I encounter better than I found them. I am hoping to work as a nurse within the TriHealth family.
If I had one piece of advice to give new students it would be to keep in mind the reason why you want to become a nurse and let that dream guide you. Study hard and do your very best but don’t forget to have fun along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because the only stupid questions are the ones that were not asked. Find a study partner and hold each other accountable. Get involved with the college. Here you will first make friends and by the time you graduate, you will consider them family. Things will get tough and during this time never give up. If it were easy to get through a nursing program, then everyone would be doing it! You are here for a reason – God knows that you are strong, resilient, caring, compassionate and willing to serve. Add these qualities up and it equals an excellent nurse that graduated from Good Samaritan College.”Vikki outside of the Clifton lobby
Vikki, Graduate May 2018

“GSC became my choice for nursing school because of all the history at this college, and from the pride and joy alumni have with GSC. So many great practitioners have graduated from GSC.I am an alumnus from Cincinnati State, and before I came here, I worked in laboratories in both the chemical field and medical field. I have a passion for helping others and it is rewarding to me. I also have experience being a nurse aide, phlebotomist, and EKG Tech.
My experience here has been great, and I am constantly learning something every day and I find the faculty to be very caring and involved. I have found it comforting to know that we are all here for one important thing other than making money, and that is to make this world a better place than when we found it.
There are so many opportunities in the field of nursing and what I plan to do is strive to do as much as I can with my education. I want to do it all. “If you believe you can, then who is to say that you can’t?” I want to do everything from Floor Nursing to running a medical center.
For new students entering the program, I would recommend they bring a positive attitude to the college. Work on your foundation and build from that, it makes it better for you and everyone else. “Ask not just what this nursing school can do for you, but what can you do for this nursing school! Dream big and make your dreams a reality.” If you can’t help a group, then at least help one individual every day. That is being more than the average person, don’t be average.”student posing with Whoot
Michael, Nursing Student

“When I was 15, my mother decided to go back to college and graduated from GSC. She is now an RN on the Mother/ Baby Unit at Good Samaritan. I knew that if I ever went to college that I would attend GSC. Volunteering is also very important to me and GSC has many volunteer opportunities for students. I also love that GSC is attached to the hospital, which is helpful in learning through observing in a real hospital atmosphere.
Before I attended GSC, I was a hair stylist and a stay at home mother to our two wonderful kids. My kids were starting to get a little older, and I was ready for a career change. I had always had a passion to serve those who have been less fortunate than me and I knew that becoming a nurse would allow me to fulfill that passion.
My experience at GSC has been wonderful. The professors are so knowledgeable, and I feel like I have learned so much in such a short period of time. The staff works above and beyond to teach us the tools needed to become successful in our field. I have attended other colleges and I have never felt so welcome and apart of something bigger than myself.
When I graduate, my goal is to follow in my mom’s footsteps and work to provide care for new mothers and their babies at Good Sam’s Mother/Baby Unit. I would also love to one day volunteer on a mission trip and provide the same care to mothers and babies internationally.”
Breanna, Nursing Studentstudent smiling


The Good Samaritan College campus is located in Good Samaritan Hospital, part of the TriHealth medical system.


Our students practice their medical skills in our nationally-recognized Simulation and Skills Lab.


Study under faculty with doctorate degrees in their field.