GSC Leadership

Name Title Contact
Judy Kronenberger, PhD, RN, CMA (AAMA) President
Michelle Roa, PhD, RN Academic Dean, Nursing
Terri G. Pullen, DA Dean of Institutional Effectiveness and Instructional Technology
Pryze Smith, PhD Dean of General Education & Allied Health
Trent Hayes, ThD, MS, MA, BS Dean of Enrollment Management/Director of Admissions
Abigail B. Villarroya, PhD(c), MSN, RN Undergraduate Nursing Department Chair

GSC Faculty/Staff

Name Title Contact
Asefa Alaro, MSN, RN Instructor , MSN
Kelley Becker, MSN, RN Instructor, MSN
Fe Beduya, BSN, RN Clinical Instructor, Nursing
Tiffani Behymer, CMA (AAMA) Coordinator, Medical Asst. Program
Mae Beth Brunsman, MSN, RN, CNM Assistant Professor, Nursing
Michele Bunning, MSN, RN, CNE, CMSRN Associate Professor, Nursing
Emilie Gendreau Burdette, MSN, RN, CNE Associate Professor, Nursing
Isabelle Cayo Sanders Registrar
Dan Cleary, BBA Systems Application Engineer
Clifford Cookman, PhD Associate Professor, Biology
Darlyn Derthick, BA, MA Admissions Recruiter
Virginia Eshleman, MLIS Medical Librarian
Sarah Ewing, DNP, RN Associate Professor, Nursing
Brittany Ford, BSN, RN Teaching Assistant, BSN
Maribeth Gieseke, MSN, RN Instructor, Nursing
Barbara Gillman Lamping, PhD(c), MSN, RN Associate Professor, Nursing
Kiki Greiwe, BSN, RN Teaching Assistant, Nursing Skills and Simulation
David Groh, PhD Professor, Math
Shannon Hardy, MSN, RNC-EFM Clinical Instructor, Nursing
Tony Hayes, BS, MA Assistant Professor, Allied Health
Sara Henderson Coordinator, Pharmacy Technician Program
Nancy Henson, DNP, RN, CPCE Associate Professor, Nursing
Beatrice Huss Hodovanic, DNP, RN, CCRN Associate Professor, Nursing
Allison Howder, BSN, RN, BC Instructor, Nursing
Kyla Jones, MSEd Student Academic Support Specialist
Laura Kronenberger, BSN, RN, PCCN Instructor, Nursing
Julie Ledbetter Assistant Professor
Michael Millward, MS Assistant Professor, Biology
Mary Lynne Moorman, MSN, RN-BC Instructor, Nursing
Ashley Miller, MSN, RN, OCN Instructor, Nursing
Ronnie Muvirimi, PhD Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Abby Nametz, MSN, RN Instructor, Nursing
Tracy Phipps, MSN, RN Instructor-MSN
Melanie Quilla-Deza, MSN, RN, CNE Associate Professor, Nursing
Valerie Ratchford, AS Library Technical Assistant
Tashena Reed, MBA, BA Business Administrator
Kathy Richards, MA Assistant Professor, English
Santos Robles, BBA Admissions Recruiter
Catie Schafer Administrative Assistant
Julie Schuster, BA Admissions Associate
Suzanne Scudder, DNP, RN Assistant Professor, Nursing
Robin Sinex, MSN, RN Assistant Professor, Nursing Skills and Simulation
Karan Singh, EdD Professor, Chemistry
JoAnn Sommer, MSN, RN, CHSE Associate Professor, Nursing Skills and Simulation
Stuart Stanton, BA, A+ Cert Client technologies Engineer
Jennette Tauda, BSN,RN Instructor, Clinical
Tracy Teetz Campus Operations Coordinator
Ellen Thomas-Arnold, MSN, RN Instructor, Nursing
Audrey Vuozzo, BA Financial Aid Administrator
Michael J. Whitely, PhD Associate Professor, Psychology
Regina (Jean) Williams, MSN, RN Instructor, Nursing
Wesley Williams, AS Accounts Receivable Specialist


The Good Samaritan College campus is located in Good Samaritan Hospital, part of the TriHealth medical system.


Our students practice their medical skills in our nationally-recognized Simulation and Skills Lab.


Study under faculty with doctorate degrees in their field.