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Incoming Students

Incoming Fall ’18 ASHS, AASN Students:
What’s Next Whoot

Confirm Your Enrollment

  • Once you receive a GSC Acceptance letter, confirm your intent to enroll by paying your Confirmation Deposit. (GSC Student Payment Portal)

Paying for your Education

FAFSA is Open Now

Get to Know the College

Do These As Soon as You Receive The Links

  • Accept your Join Request on the Incoming Fall 2018 Facebook group.
  • Sign in and use your GSCollege email. During your time as a student at GSC, this is the email we will use for your official communications. As soon as you receive your log in information through your personal email, log into your GSCollege email account.

Attend Registration, Cornerstone, and Takeoff! Orientation

Registration is in April

  • Register for classes and FASFA completion
  • You will receive an invitation to this event via email

Cornerstone is in May/June

  • Cornerstone is a set of one-on-one meetings with IT, Financial Aid, Business Administrator, and your Faculty Advisor. When you attend Registration, you will be given a specific date and time to attend cornerstone.

Health requirements July

Takeoff August

  • This is your orientation where you will learn about parking, student organizations, Alumni engagement, student success, meet your faculty and more!
  • When you attend Takeoff!, you’ll learn lots of important information that you’ll need as a student. Topics covered include parking, student organizations, Alumni engagement, student success and more!

Finalize Your Acceptance so you can Start Classes

Beginning in August

  • Complete the Online Orientation required of each student. Links will be included in your Final Admissions Acceptance Check List.