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College is an exciting time. Figuring out which path is right for you and learning how to get on that path can sometimes seem overwhelming. At Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science, our Admissions and One Stop team is prepared to walk you through what it takes to become a student at GSC.

As you consider a career in nursing and application to our college, consider your ability to participate fully in an educational program for nursing. The nursing profession is challenging and job duties can change by the minute. Registered Nurses (RNs) need to be ready to perform a variety of tasks. Standards and Functional Abilities for Nursing Students have been developed for you to self-assess your readiness for a nursing career.

The following standards and functional abilities are necessary requirements for participation in the nursing program. However, if an individual believes that he/she is unable to meet one or more of these necessary requirements due to a disability, he/she should contact the College Compliance Officer to determine whether an appropriate accommodation can be made so that the individual can meet the necessary requirements and participate fully in the educational program.

Standards Functional Abilities
  • Critical Thinking: ability sufficient for clinical judgment.
  • Reading: ability sufficient to comprehend the written word.
  • Arithmetic: ability sufficient to perform computations at least at the tenth-grade level.
  • Hearing: ability sufficient for physical and environmental monitoring.
  • Visual: ability sufficient for accurate observation and assessment.
  • Smell: ability sufficient to detect environmental and client odors.
  • Physical strength/endurance: ability sufficient to perform full range of patient care activities.
  • Motor Skills: ability sufficient to provide safe and effective nursing care.
  • Mobility: ability sufficient to move from room to room and within confined space.
  • Tactile: ability sufficient for physical monitoring and assessment.
  • Communication: ability sufficient for interaction with others, in both the verbal and written English language.
  • Interpersonal skills: ability sufficient to interact with others.
  • Identify cause-effect relationship; problem-solve; predict/evaluate outcomes; sequence information.
  • Read written documents, graphs, policies, protocols, etc.
  • Measure time; compute medication dosage; count rates; use measuring tools; add, subtract, multiply, divide whole numbers; compute fractions.
  • Auscultate faint body sounds, voices; hear monitor alarms, emergency signals.
  • Observe patient response/condition: distinguish color and color intensity; prepare medication; see graphs, and computer screens.
  • Detect foul-smelling odors; detect smoke/gases.
  • Stand for long periods of time at bedside; perform nursing care duties for entire shift; push/pull/support light and heavy objects; carry equipment; support patients in ambulation, turning, standing.
  • Position patients; obtain specimens; calibrate instruments/ equipment; prepare and administer medication; reach and bend with ease; grasp small objects, write, fine motor skills.
  • Move about in populated areas; twist, stoop, squat; move quickly, administer repetitive movements (CPR).
  • Perform palpation; detect hot/cold; detect differences in skin surface; shapes and sizes.
  • Teach; explain procedures; give oral report; speak on the telephone; document and interpret nursing actions and patient responses, and convey information through writing.
  • Establish rapport with patient, family and coworkers; respect differences, negotiate interpersonal conflict, remain calm in crisis situations.

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Honors Admission Program

The Honors Admission Program at Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science is for high school students who apply by December 1 of their senior year. Applicants must have a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA, 25+ ACT or 1150+ SAT (Math and Reading only). Applicants may also be required to prepare an essay for competitive selection of candidates. The College may also extend eligibility to college transfer students who meet the high school criteria as well as a 3.2+ GPA for college coursework. Students admitted to the Honors Admission Program will have the opportunity for priority placement in nursing their first semester of college. The program also includes eligibility for additional scholarships. Eligibility for college transfer honors is dependent on available spacing. For information on how to apply, contact the Admissions office at (513) 666-8480 .

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Articulations and Partnerships

Chatfield Community College

This articulation agreement is designed to coordinate transfer policies, enhance advising, and promote the acceptance of the transfer of associate degree credit from the Chatfield College (CC) to Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science (GSC). Students who qualify are exempt from paying the GSC application fee. Students can transfer a maximum of 25 credit hours from Chatfield. Only credits from classes with a grade of C or better can be transferred. If you are a transfer student from Chatfield College, inquire with GSC Admission staff regarding this agreement.

Click here for Chatfield Q&A

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College Credit Plus Logo

College Credit Plus (CCP) is an opportunity for high school students to simultaneously earn college credit and high school credit. By participating in Ohio’s CCP program, Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science (GSC) provide qualified students an exceptional opportunity to advance their college education prior to high school graduation by earning credit for GSC courses at no cost.

College Credit Plus Application Process

High school CCP students should complete the process listed below to be admitted as a non-degree student to take college coursework. If you have any questions, please contact Veronica Boyd, Recruiter at 513-666-8480 or email her at

High School CCP Enrollment and Registration Checklist (PDF)

College Credit Plus (CCP) students must apply to the program each academic year they wish to participate.

For more information on the College Credit Plus Program, go to

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