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Medical Assistant

 Medical Assistant Certificate (RMA)

 Program Description

The Medical Assistant Certificate program is an 12-18 month course of study that will prepare a student to receive the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) credential.  The complete course of study involves 35 credit hours.  The first 31 credit hours are delivered in lecture, laboratory, on-line hybrid, and simulation formats while the remaining 4 credits are earned from a 200 hour practicum.   Upon successful completion of the program, the student will be eligible to sit for the RMA exam and earn the RMA credential from the American Medical Technologist (AMT) certification agency.

Program Rationale

The Medical Assistant (MA) program is designed for students whom want a career in healthcare.  The United States Bureau of labor statistics predicts the growth rate for medical assistants to be 24% for the years 2014-2024.  Previously, medical assistants required a high school diploma and were trained on the job. Recent changes in healthcare law are increasing the demand for credentialed medical assistants that work closely with doctors and nurse practitioners in primary care facilities.  The MA program is also designed to give options to students whom want to grow beyond the initial MA certificate as the curriculum of study overlaps into the Associate of Science in Health Science (ASHS) and Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (AASN).

Program Curriculum

The MA program will focus training and learning in three specific areas:  Knowledge, Psychomotor, and Affective.  The knowledge area will instruct and measure a student’s mastery of information required for a competent medical assistant.  The psychomotor area will instruct, demonstrate, and measure a student’s mastery of physical skills required for a competent medical assistant.  The affective area will instruct, measure, and demonstrate a student’s mastery of empathy and customer service required for a competent medical assistant.

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 Semester 1

Course Title Credit Hours
ENG101 English Composition I 3
ALH 110 Medical Terminology 3
ALH 111 The Human Body in Health and Disease  3
ALH 150 Clinical Procedures I 3
ALH 105 Medical Office Procedures I 3
  Total 15


 Semester 2

Course Title Credit Hours
MTH 103 Pharmacological Mathematics 1
PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology 3
ETH 212 Healthcare Ethics 3
CSI 102 Informatics and Technology in Healthcare  3
ALH 151 Clinical Procedures II 3
ALH 106 Medical Office Procedures II 3
  Total 16

Semester 3
Course Title Credit Hours
ALH 199 Medical Assisting Practicum and Externship  4
  Total 4

Program Total - 35 hours