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Academic Standards

For in-depth information on Academic Standards, view the College Catalog.

Grading System

Students will be evaluated according to the following grading system. Numerical grades are based on the whole number with no rounding.

Grade Numerical Equivalent Quality Points
A - Excellent 90 - 100 4
B - Good 80 - 89 3
C - Average 70 - 79 2
D - Failure 60 - 69 1 (Used only for calculation of GPA)
F - Failure 59 and Below 0
Grade Description
P Designates a passing grade in challenges only. Grade not used in the calculation of GPA.
I Designates incomplete for a grade that has been temporarily withheld. Incomplete is used only in cases where, due to extenuating circumstances, a final grade cannot be submitted on the date due. To avoid an incomplete becoming an F grade, the incomplete must be removed within 10 school days. Any exceptions to this policy or extension of time must be approved by the Department Chair or Dean of Academic Affairs.
AU Designates audit. A student may audit a course(s) upon the approval of the Department Chair.
  1. Student must register officially for the course(s).
  2. Student will pay a nonrefundable audit fee equal to the cost of the course.
  3. Auditors may attend and observe class lecture only.
  4. Auditors are not required to take examinations.
  5. Auditors do not receive credit for course(s). An AU grade will be entered on transcripts.
W Designates withdrawal from a course prior to the 10th week of the Fall or Spring semester and the equivalent period of time in Summer sessions. The course must be repeated in its entirety in order to receive credit. Students in need of an extension must file a petition with documentation on why an extension is needed to the appropriate Dean. 
WP Designates withdrawal from a course with a passing grade of 70% or above after the 10th week of the Fall or Spring semester and the equivalent period of time in Summer sessions.
WF Designates withdrawal from a course with a failing grade below 70% after the 10th week of the Fall or Spring semester and the equivalent period of time in Summer sessions. A WF will be considered a failure in the course.
Enrollment Code Description
  • Students must achieve a grade of C or better in both nursing and general education courses.
  • If a student receives a D, F, or WF in any course, that course must be repeated and completed with a grade of C or better.
  • A grade of C must be achieved in prerequisite courses before the student may progress to the next course.
  • Students may receive a grade of W/WP/WF, for no more than 15 credit hours over their academic careers. When a student withdraws for their 16th credit hour, they are academically dismissed from the college. Any withdrawal is subject to all financial aid and satisfactory academic progression.
  • A student may request a leave of absence (LOA) for any reason. The LOA request must be submitted in writing to the Registrar. Students on LOA are withdrawn from all courses and will be assigned the grade of W/WF/WP based on their current standing in the class. Students will follow the Academic Standards and Regulation Policy at the time of their first date of enrollment. See Change of Status Policy and AASN Nursing Program Grading System policy.

Grade Point Average

  • Each semester's grade point average is computed by dividing the number of Quality Points earned in a semester by the number of credit hours taken that semester
  • Cumulative grade point average is the total number of Quality Points earned in all work, divided by the total number of credit hours taken. In computing the GPA, grades of A, B, C, D, WF and F are included. Grades of W, WP, I, AU, and Challenge grades are not included.
  • In the case where a course has been repeated, the last grade earned shall replace the first in computing GPA. Credit hours taken will be counted only once toward meeting the requirements for graduation. The repetition of a course does not remove the previous grade from the student's official transcript.


  1. To maintain enrollment in the College, the student must have a 2.0 grade point average. When a student's grade point average falls below 2.0, the student is placed on probation. The student must retake the course in which the failing grade was received to raise the grade point average within one year of failing the course. When the student achieves the grade requirement, the probation will be removed.
  2. Promotion depends on satisfactory completion of all courses included in the lower level and all other level requirements.
  3. Eligibility to graduate and receive college degree is dependent on satisfactory completion of all courses included in the curriculum plan.


  1. Failure to pass any course with a C or above or when the student's cumulative grade point average falls below 2.0 will result in probation.
  2. Probation status will continue until the student repeats the failed course with a C grade or above.
  3. A letter informing the student of the probation status is sent with the grade report.
  4. The college's curriculum plan will not be altered to accommodate students who must retake courses.
  5. As long as a student remains on probation, enrollment may be imposed.

Change of Status and Leave of Absence

  1. A student who wishes to change courses or withdraw from one or more courses or the program must submit the request to Registrar in writing. The request must be approved by his/her academic advisor. Student signature is required. Electronic/FAX add/drops are permissible.
  2. A student must attend each course at least once in the first 2 weeks of the fall or spring semester and the equivalent time period in the summer sessions. Non-attendance in the first two weeks may have a negative impact on financial aid eligibility.
  3. A student who fails to attend ANY course in the first (2) weeks of the semester without notifying the registrar of a change of status (withdraw, LOA, etc.) will be administratively withdrawn from the College. In order to resume classes, the student will have to reapply to the College following the current readmission procedures.
  4. If applicable, a tuition refund will be made according to the current refund policy stated in the catalog. In all cases, all financial obligations to the college must be met or no records will be released.
  5. Notation will be made on transcripts according to the grading system listed in the Academic Standards and Regulations and Nursing Program.
  6. Students who encounter special circumstances may apply for leave of absence (“LOA”) from formal study. The circumstances justifying an LOA include but are not necessarily limited to personal or family medical conditions, maternity leave, or death of an immediate family member. The applicant must submit his or her rationale in writing to the Registrar’s Office along with supporting documentation. Students on LOA are withdrawn from all courses. An LOA will relieve a student from responsibility for uncompleted academic work for that semester but will not provide credit for work completed that semester. Unless otherwise necessary to provide a reasonable accommodation to a qualified student with a disability, an LOA will not extend beyond 6 months. Because this LOA policy does not meet certain federal Title IV requirements, any LOA will be treated as a federal withdrawal (without a requirement to reapply for readmission) subject to Title IV return of funds calculation. If after 6 months the student has not registered or is not actively enrolled, the student will be withdrawn and must reapply according to the existing admissions policies. Any student who is granted an LOA for medical reasons must provide verification from a healthcare provider that the student is able to meet the expectations of a student without posing a significant risk of substantial harm to property, to self, or others. If a student is disabled and in need of an academic accommodation, that should also be noted by the healthcare provider. The student should also refer to the “Academic Accommodations” policy for more information.
  7. Any student called to active duty for Military Service in the armed forces (including service of the National Guard or Reserve) must give notice of service to the College as soon as possible, and will receive special leave of absence consideration to ensure the smooth transition into and out of the college.
  8. A students who withdraws from the college must complete an exit interview signed by his/her academic advisor before he/ she re-applies to the college according to existing admissions policies.
  9. Students moving directly from one program to another must complete a change of status form to officially change programs.
  10. Students academically dismissed from the College may be eligible to appeal to continue in another program. In order to be eligible, students must be able to come into the new program in good academic standing. Those interested should inquire with the Registrar regarding academic standing and eligibility to change majors and refer to the Academic Standards and Regulations Policy.

Dismissal for students first enrolled in courses prior to January 1, 2012:

  1. Failure of any two courses required for the degree.
  2. Withdrawing from more than 15 credit hours
  3. The Dean of the program may suspend, dismiss, or impose a mandatory leave of absence for reasons pertaining to dishonest or immoral behavior; illness –physical or mental; unsafe conduct affecting either the student, patient or others; or failure to abide by hospital and College policies, procedures, rules and regulations.


  1. Upon graduation, academic honors will be bestowed upon students based on the cumulative GPA.
  2. Undergraduate students in associate degree programs who have achieved a College cumulative average of 3.25 – 4.000 will receive "Honors"
  3. Undergraduate students in the bachelor degree program who have achieved a College cumulative average in one of the three categories below will receive "Latin Honors":
    1. summa cum laude: 3.90 - 4.0000 GPA
    2. magna cum laude: 3.75-3.8999 GPA
    3. cum laude: 3.60-3.7499 GPA

Students who anticipate receiving Honors are entitled to wear gold honor cords along with their other regalia.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Institutional Requirements for Students in All Programs
    1. Complete the entire academic program as described by the appropriate curriculum plan with a grade of 2.0 or above in all courses (entering students after January 2010).
    2. Pay all financial obligations and return all learning materials to the College.
    3. Complete Capstone requirements.
    4. Complete all other requirements of the College.
  2. Program Requirements
    1. Associate of Applied Science in Nursing Degree Program:
      1. Complete at least 48 credits (a minimum of 36 credits in nursing and 12 credits in general education) at this College.
      2. Complete 12 hours of community service.
    2. Associate of Science in Health Science Degree Program:
      1. Complete at least 48 credits at this College.
      2. Complete at least 8 hours of experiential/service learning.
    3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree Program:
      1. Complete at least 33 credits from the BSN upper division curriculum plan at this College (27 credits in nursing and 6 credits in general education courses).

The length of time taken to complete the curriculum may vary. However, a student must complete all requirements for graduation within six (6) years after enrolling in the College. (See Graduation Checklist located in the Graduation Requirements Policy on the GSC website under

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