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Student Success Program

The Student Success Program is available to assist students in the development of an academic plan that will maximize their potential for success through the use of specialized resources. The Program utilizes the resources of Academic Assistance, Counseling, Academic Accommodations, and Assessment Testing.

For additional information, contact:

Terri Schumacher, Department Chair, Student Success Program
Phone: 513-862-3729

Dave McCowan, Learning Specialist/504 Coordinator
Phone: 513-862-2276

Cindy Sproehnle, Learning Specialist
Phone: 513-862-3504

Jill Nutter, Counselor
Phone: 513-862-2737

Academic Assistance

The staff of the Student Success Program (SSP) are available to ensure that any student has the opportunity to seek assistance in pursuing their educational goals.

Academic assistance is available through an individualized learning program, offering one-to-one instruction with a learning specialist. Time management, improvement of study habits, test taking and motivation are some of the skills taught.

The staff of the SSP will provide assistance and serve as a resource for referral to students requiring academic accommodations.

Academic Recovery

The academic recovery course is designed to concentrate on the needs of students who have been unsuccessful in pursuit of their academic goals. The course will address academic rigor. Critical thinking standards and principles will be threaded though the course activities. Tools addressing study skills and decision making will be provided for the student to use in taking responsibility for their own learning. This course is required for all students who are on academic probation, and is to be taken the semester they are registered following the course failure that placed them on probation. The course is a remedial course and is not counted in the GPA toward graduation or total college credits.

Assessment Testing

Assessment testing is conducted prior to entrance into the College. ACT's COMPASS Test which measures knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and mathematics is administrated. Critical Thinking skills are assessed with the administration of the Critical Thinking test from the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).


One goal of GSC is to help students develop their potential as self-reliant individuals. A full-time counselor is available for personal counseling and as a resource for referral services in the community. Please see the following links.

Important Mental Health Links

ULifeline - Mental Health Resources For College Students
Strength of Us - An Online Community Designed to Empower Young Adults

For additional information, contact Jill Nutter (ph. 513-862-2737)

First Semester Experience/Learning Community

First Semester Experience/Learning Community is a required one (1) credit course for all incoming associate degree students. It is designed to equip the students with tools that promote success. There will be a variety of topics that will encourage the student to become engaged in self-assessment. The students and faculty will be involved in the Learning Community concept. The focus of the Learning Community is to create an environment that is supportive, where students and faculty work collaboratively on a variety of activities. The learning community will explore common ideas/assignments that promote active learning. A desired outcome will be that the students will develop a stronger peer support system along with developing an open, supportive atmosphere between the faculty and the student.

Learning Specialist/504 Coordinator

The Learning Specialist/504 Coordinator is available to assist the student in their plan for success by providing one on one and small group instruction in study skills, test taking strategies, and reading skills.

The Learning Specialist/504 Coordinator is also a resource for referrals for students seeking a comprehensive evaluation of learning needs and for students needing academic accommodations. It is the responsibility of the student to make his or her disability status and need for accommodations known to the Learning Specialist/504 Coordinator.

For additional information, contact Dave McCowan (ph. 513-862-2276)

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