Student Services

At GSC, we're committed to assisting students on their path to a new career in health care. The College provides a wide variety of support services including admissions counseling, tutoring, advising, personal counseling, and student health, as well as activities that promote personal and professional growth.

A brief summary of the services available to students is listed below:


One goal of GSC is to help students develop their potential as self-reliant individuals. A full-time counselor is available for personal counseling and as a resource for referral services in the community.

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For additional information, contact Jill Nutter (ph. 513-862-2737).

Health Service

GSC emphasizes the importance of student health and well-being. Health evaluations and consultations are available through the TriHealth Employee Health Service. This service is available for hospital-related illnesses or injuries. Students can be referred to a physician who meets their needs. Students must pay for medical care. Health insurance is highly recommended for all students.

Media Center

A multi-media learning center offers a variety of audiovisual materials, equipment, and computers for classroom and individual use. Computers also are located in all student lounges.

Social Activities

There are many opportunities for students to socialize among themselves and with students at other area colleges and universities. Organized social events include picnics, Spirit Olympics and a Christmas party sponsored by the Student Organization. There also are opportunities for community service activities.

Student Advisory Council

Student Representatives serve on the Student Advisory Council. It is a standing committee of the College Assembly. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for the student body representatives and College administration to communicate formally about relevant campus issues and concerns, ideas, and suggestions. The functions are:
1. To provide an official channel of communication and cooperation between students and College administration.
2. For the College administration to seek student input and share issues of mutual interest that include, but are not limited to, academic programs, non-curricular programs, student services, campus facilities, and policies and procedures with direct impact on students.
3. Submit reports and recommendations to the President and to College Assembly and its respective standing committees as appropriate.

The Members are six at-large elected student representatives, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student and Alumni Services, Dean of Enrollment Management, Dean/Head Librarian, President (ex-officio non-voting) and Resource Persons as designated. This committee meets at least twice a semester or as often as needed.

Student Organization

The Student Organization promotes the general welfare of the student body. Through elected representation, interests and opinions of the student body are voiced, stimulating communication and cooperation between students and faculty. The Student Organization provides many leadership and community service opportunities for students. Student representatives also serve on faculty committees.

Peer Mentoring Program

The Peer Mentoring Program at GSC connects incoming first semester students with upper class student mentors. Peer mentors are student representatives of GSC that have volunteered to mentor new students through their first academic semester, answering questions and communicating information about GSC College life.

Faculty Advising – All Programs

Advising is an important aspect of each student’s academic success. Students are assigned a faculty member within their respective program upon enrollment. Members of the Faculty are appointed to assist students in the development of their educational plan, provide support and encouragement as they progress through the college curriculum to graduation.

Academic Assistance

The staff of the Student Success Program (SSP) are available to ensure that any student has the opportunity to seek assistance in pursuing their educational goals.

Academic assistance is available through an individualized learning program, offering one-to-one instruction with a learning specialist. Time management, improvement of study habits, test taking and motivation are some of the skills taught.

The staff of the SSP will provide assistance and serve as a resource for referral to students requiring academic accommodations.

Academic Recovery

The Academic Recovery course is designed to concentrate on the needs of students who have been hampered in quest of their academic goals. The course will address academic rigor. Critical thinking standards and principles will be threaded though the course activities. Tools addressing study skills and decision making will be provided for the student to use in taking responsibility for their own learning. This course is required for all students who are on academic probation, and is to be taken the semester they are registered following the course failure that placed them on probation. The course is a remedial course and is not counted in the GPA toward graduation or total college credits.

Assessment Testing

Assessment testing is conducted prior to entrance into the College for Associate degree Programs. TEAS Test, which measures knowledge and skills in reading, writing, and mathematics is administrated. Critical Thinking skills are assessed with the administration of the Critical Thinking test from the Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI).

First Semester Experience

The First Semester Experience course is a required one (1) credit course for all incoming associate degree students. It is designed to equip the students with tools that promote success. There will be a variety of topics that will encourage the student to become engaged in self-assessment.

The course will also introduce the student to several resources available in the college environment. A desired outcome will be that the students will develop a stronger peer support system along with developing an open, supportive atmosphere between the faculty and the student.

Learning Specialist

The Learning Specialist is available to assist the student in their plan for success by providing one-on-one and small group instruction in study skills, test taking strategies, and reading skills.

The Learning Specialist is also a resource for referrals for students seeking a comprehensive evaluation of learning needs and for students needing academic accommodations.

For additional information, contact Craig West (ph. 513-862-5167)