Financial Literacy

Financial literacy should be on your personal best-seller list. With CASH COURSE you can begin to author your own literary masterpiece – a well thought-out financial plan. It’s never too early to begin to develop lifetime skills in financial literacy using your CRITICAL THINKING skills.

In addition to understanding the financial aid process from beginning to end, a well rounded education should include knowledge about budgeting, credit cards, identity theft, interest rates, credit scores, debt management, and overall money management.

Start with a financial plan. Start here at GSC. Start NOW. CASH COURSE will get you pointed in the right direction.

Cash Course Logo and Link to Cash Course Website Cash Course is a website that provides college students a wealth of information about Financial Basics, Paying for College, College Life, World of Work, and Economic Survival Tips. Cash Course also includes interactive financial tools, including fun quizzes and budgeting software.

Financial Aid Awareness

To help students understand the basics of financial management, the Financial Awareness Counseling module from the Department of Education will provide information on federal student loan debt, and an estimate of what their loan debt is likely to be at the time they leave school.