Maps and Directions

Finding GSC is easy. We are located at Good Samaritan Hospital in Clifton.

Good Samaritan Hospital
375 Dixmyth Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220-2489
Phone (513) 862-1400
Fax (513) 862-3435

From I-75 North or I-75 South:

  • Take I-75 North or I-75 South to the Hopple Street Exit/Exit 3.
  • Turn left at the stoplight onto Hopple Street.
  • At the next intersection (Hopple and Central Parkway), angle left and up the hill.
  • At this point, Hopple turns into Martin Luther King Drive.
  • You will either stay in the left lane and follow Martin Luther King Drive to Dixmyth Ave. or you will follow Martin Luther King Drive to Clifton Ave.
  • If you turn onto Dixmyth Ave., visitor parking is on your right.

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