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General Policies

Academic Year

The academic year is based on a semester system. The College operates Monday through Friday. While the majority of classes are held during the daytime, evening courses may be offered depending on enrollment. Clinical experiences in nursing courses may extend into evening hours. Clinical hours in some courses will require 12 hour shifts throughout days, nights and/or weekends. Vacations are scheduled throughout the curriculum. Summer, Christmas and spring breaks are scheduled. Holidays are observed on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Day and the 4th of July.

Credit Hour

One semester credit hour will be awarded for a minimum of 750 minutes of formalized instruction that typically requires students to work at out-of-class assignments an average of twice the amount of time as the amount of formalized instruction (1,500 minutes). It is acknowledged that formalized instruction may take place in a variety of modes.

While awarding semester credit hours typically occurs for instruction delivered in accordance with an institution's standard semester calendar, it may also occur for instruction that may not follow the typical pattern of an institution's standard semester calendar as long as the criteria for awarding such credit is met.

General Administration Policy

The College reserves the right to change without notice rules, policies, tuition and fees, curricula, courses or other administrative or educational policies. You may contact the College at (513) 862-2743 for the most up-to-date information.

Nursing Uniforms

Nursing students in the Associate Degree program are required to wear the GSC nursing uniform for clinical nursing courses. BSN students are required to wear the GSC uniform lab coat. GSC uniforms can be purchased at Roberts Medical Uniforms.


Booklists and textbook purchase information are published on the GSC website at

Textbook information including ISBN and cost can also be found in the Student SONIS account with the schedule and book tab upon registration.



All students of the College are assigned an official college email address through the College’s IT Department. Official correspondence will be through the College email. It is the student’s responsibility to check their email on a daily basis.