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General Education

The General Education courses establish the educational foundation and core curriculum to support the health science and nursing programs. These courses also fulfill the transfer module of the Ohio Board of Regents.


The philosophy of General Education at Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science reflects the beliefs that are stated in the Mission and the College Goals.

Education is a lifelong dynamic process of intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development which builds upon, and is influenced by, numerous factors, including acculturation, self-image, and value system. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and understanding, which results in changed behavior. The educational process assists the learner to think critically, to reason, and to make ethical decisions. Faculty and students are mutually responsible for learning. The faculty, as facilitators of learning, are themselves participant learners.

General education is central to all other education. It provides a broad base of knowledge that is relevant to all educated persons, and is core to each academic program of the College. This is achieved through an integrated approach to program and curriculum planning of disciplines that will provide the community with well-rounded, responsible professionals who can function in the rapidly changing world.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

The outcomes of the General Education Program establish that students will:

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Demonstrate Critical Thinking
  • Work Effectively with Individuals and Teams
  • Develop Characteristics to Become a Life Long Learner